After providing information about best and top classified sites we talk about top and instant approval blog commenting sites in 2018.

It is the process of commenting on any blog or any type of important information on any website which has high DA and PA and also has a comment box for getting reviews or commenting for their blog or article.
Why do we use blog commenting on SEO and what effect it will generate?

The main and only one reason is to create lots of powerful backlinks for any website which wants ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Page in case of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that for increasing DA and PA and also website rank on SERP page.
Why do we talk about Instant approval Backlinks?

When you create any backlink in case of blog commenting it may be or not possible that it will be approved instantly if we talk about WordPress, Open cart or another type of CMS (Content Management platform) Platforms.
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